What is thesis in writing ms. shaffers

Devon M February 15, at 6: Shaffer goes into elaborate detail on how southernization affected the world. And zero in math. help on research paper critique rct We also have to think rather than about how southernization directly affected us with it's innovations; about how it influenced westernization, and how THAT affected us.

Gold by Siberia which is Indias's main source. From there the Europeans began partaking in the trade of sugar, cotton, spices, and just about everything. help write an essay for college your personal statement Joshua Buckingham February 13, at 6: They opened up contact between India and Southeast Asia and all-sea route to China.

Shaffers thesis is about southernization and how our world would be different without it. The Asian cultures were spread into many of the European cultures leaving some distinct characteristics behind. application essay writing services in civil I believe that her analysis is valid because she gave specific time periods, textual evidence that justifies her when she used certain terms and objects. Or how the Malays used the monsoons to travel.

What is thesis in writing ms. shaffers essay writing funny job online

Shaffer's thesis is that the world would be a lot different if Southernization never happened. Without Southernization the world wouldn't be the same. The Muslim Caliphates spread many important crops sugar cane, cotton, and citrus fruits that "led to much more intensive agriculture in the Middle East and some parts of the Mediterranean. Lloyd Bishop February 15, at 8: Some resources traded included gold from Africa and sugar from India.

Shaffer's thesis was that southernization caused extremely evident effects throughout the world. Also things such as the compass have impacted on our lives today helping us locate geographically. China encouraged religions such as Buddhism and Daoism, as well as developing innovations such as gunpowder, printing, the compass, and silk. Who is this person? However, while much of the provided proof is solid, it rarely talks about the complete interactions of all of these ideas into what combines Southernization process as a whole.

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Without some of these important advancements, our world would most likely fall behind and would not meet the standards for success. Such as trade, navigation, math, and new inventions. professional report writing services orlando florida I believe Shaffer's thesis is how much Southernization has affected us. It is pretty fascinating to see how the southern countries had a specialization in major crops. They are also the first people to have developed a long-distance trade in a southern spice Shaffer 4.

What does Lynda Shaffer mean by southernization? There is other bad things about trade too because it can spread trade at the same time even if your helping. This is an interesting point that you have made, and Westernization is guilty of the same style of grouping. help with paper arts I agree with Shaffer. Caroline smith February 15, at 4:

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Indians were mostly associated with math, and goods. Throughout her paper, Shaffer focuses on the impact and influence of four main areas China, India, Malaysia, and Southern Asia. China encouraged religions such as Buddhism and Daoism, as well as developing innovations such as gunpowder, printing, the compass, and silk. This was used by the Chinese.

Lidia Shaffer's thesis is that without southernization our world would be very different from what it is today. India also made the numeric system we use today. She also states that Southernization led way to Westernization which had a huge impact on our lives.

I agree with what you say because all throughout the essay it is talking about the trading of goods, such as cinnamon and sugar cane. Demand for these cotton textiles caused a large amount of trade throughout all of asia, europe, and africa. Joshua Buckingham February 13, at 6: In her essay, Ms. Start studying southernization by lynda shaffer learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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