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More people have become dependent on public transfers as their main source of income. Women, particularly women among the younger age groups, receive invalidity pensions more often than men, they have a higher level of sickness absenteeism, consume more medication and use health services more frequently than men. dissertation about educational management The Government will investigate more closely the connection between housing support and social welfare, and the consequences an extension of the central government housing support schemes may have for social welfare payments. Among other things, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs will present a bill concerning user-controlled personal assistance. The problems experienced by handicapped people in relation to housing are primarily related to the lack of accessibility to and proper adaptation of dwellings.

By means of measures announced in this White paper, the Government wishes to address the causes of these problems. The scheme would provide means-tested benefits with a view to securing a total income equivalent to the minimum pension from the National Insurance scheme, and would be administered by the social security offices. college essay help online graduate Among people with a low ten-year income, we find an overrepresentation of single individuals below 45 years and parents of small children, including single parents acording to the equivalency scale used here. The Government proposes that this benefit should only be reduced if the stay lasts for more than one year. Although this has something to do with improved opportunities for taking early retirement, it may also be a sign that the requirements of occupational life have been too stringent for some older employees.

This is true of people who receive social welfare benefits, single parents receiving transitional benefits, unemployed persons, people with long-term illnesses receiving rehabilitation benefits and certain groups receiving invalidity benefits. As part of this process, the largest cities in Norway will be invited to take part in the development work with a view to offering the homeless a more coordinated service. college essay writing questions answers latest list This is particularly true of women.

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User charges have to some extent been introduced for a variety of public services, within such areas as the health service, and nursing and care sectors. The Government nevertheless wishes to make certain changes to the social welfare benefits scheme, in order to create greater equality and a fairer scheme:. White paper writing services health 1998 Inner east Oslo has a high percentage of inhabitants with low incomes, unemployed people, many recipients of social welfare benefits, recipients of invalidity pensions, single parents receiving transitional benefits, children in care and a concentration of immigrants.

Among other things, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs will present a bill concerning user-controlled personal assistance. Nevertheless, there are still clear inequalities between men and women, especially in terms of working hours. White paper writing services health 1998 The Government has begun the process of reviewing the use of user charges in order to find schemes that may shield chronic patients in a better manner. The Government wishes to attach considerable importance to the redistributional effects of the tax rules. Summary of White paper no.

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The gap appears to have been reduced among the working population, while the disparity between the economically active and economically inactive sections of the population has increased. These groups have little or no affiliation with the labour market and many people suffer from health or social problems as well. white paper writing service delivery 1997 The number of people receiving invalidity pensions has increased more sharply than the rise in the average age of the population would tend to indicate. The same also applies to handicapped people, refugees and immigrants from non-western countries. In parallel with the sharp increase in the number of people in employment in the s, the number of people out of work has fallen, after unemployment levels increased towards the end of the s and peaked in

Single individuals and some single parents have poorer housing conditions than couples with and without children. The share of those people whose overall living standards are good has increased a little in the s and s. surrey digital dissertations Figure 2 Expenditure on social care Nkr millions and the number of benefit recipients Services Access to publicly financed services e.

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Among those groups that find it difficult to gain access to the labour market are certain groups of young people and the long-term unemployed. In connection with the follow-up of White paper no. White paper writing services health 1998 More people have become dependent on public transfers as their main source of income.

The objective is to give a greater number of people the opportunity to use more of their capacity for work while at the same time allowing them to enjoy financial security in relation to their reduced capacity for work. There has been a change in the composition of the low-income group during the period. White paper writing services health 1998 People with a low level of education are more exposed to occupational upheaval during periods of recession, and to changes in occupational patterns.

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